Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research & Policy

ROSEnet | COST ACTION (CA 15122)

ROSEnet – Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy – responds to research, policy and societal challenges with respect to the social exclusion of older people in Europe, and beyond. Involving researchers, policy stakeholders and older people, ROSEnet adopts a new and innovative approach to knowledge production and knowledge transfer on multi-dimensional forms of disadvantage in later life. We are focused on exclusion in economic, social, services, civic-rights, and community and spatial domains, how these forms of disadvantage interact in old age and the ways in which developing shared understandings of exclusion in later life can direct meaningful policy and practice.

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CA15122 Working Groups

ROSEnet has five different working groups (WG), representing the five core forms of exclusion. Click on the WG title for a description of each, and the contact details of the associated co-leaders.

Comprising of researchers and policy stakeholders, these groups represent the main working structure of the action and are responsible for most of the collaborations and research activities within the Action. The WGs have five objectives which are linked directly to the Action’s primary objectives but focus specifically on the kind of exclusion that the WG is targeting.

Activities and Events

ROSEnet News

In News

Final ROSEnet European Policy Seminar

Final ROSEnet European Policy Seminar will investigate multidimensional disadvantage. The 6th and final ROSEnet European Policy Seminar will explore ‘Social Exclusion of Older People: Challenges and considerations in multidimensional disadvantage in later life’. Hosted in cooperation with the [...]

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In News

ROSEnet Launches Long-Term Care Policy Messages

In response to current calls to reform long-term care (LTC) across Europe, ROSEnet has developed seven policy messages on LTC. These messages have been formulated in line with principle 18 of the European Pillar of Social Rights, which calls for access to affordable and good quality long-term [...]

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ROSEnet European Policy Seminar Series

Six ROSEnet European Policy Seminars will be held in six different host regions, scheduled at six-month intervals between the opening and closing conferences. Five of these Seminars will focus on different exclusion domains, with the sixth focusing on multidimensional old-age exclusion. The [...]

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Practice and Policy Repository

This is a repository of innovative practice and policy strategies, from across Europe and other international contexts, that aim to reduce old-age exclusion. This Repository will be up-dated over the Action’s duration and includes evidence-based interventions identified by each WG, and during workshop-policy events. The repository will also feature new strategies that emerged from new research completed by Action members.

Publications and Outputs

ROSEnet will produce new research knowledge and analyses, and peer-review publications. Some of these outputs will be specific to particular projects and topic that the Action’s working groups, researchers and policy stakeholder are working on and are likely to emerge as collaborations evolve and develop. In addition to these, there are also a number of scheduled outputs and deliverables that are linked to the activities and events of ROSEnet and its working groups. These outputs are described below: